Thursday, 28 January 2016

Catering Courses in Delhi

The Hotel School (THS) is the best Hospitality / Hotel Management College in Delhi. This institute provides the highest standards of qualification required for maintaining the international standards for Catering operation in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry. Feel free to call us at: 9999300066 or visit our website:

Catering Courses in Delhi
Catering Courses offer food services which involve production and service of food to the customers. This field requires specialized culinary and food and beverage service skills. In order to attain these skills, professionals require certificate / degree programmes where they get an opportunity to learn expertise of Food and Beverage Service industry. A certificate or a degree programme in catering management provides a head start for those who are seeking a career in the food and catering industry.

The Hotel School offers various hospitality courses at different levels - undergraduate, post-graduation, diploma and certification course. The certification courses provide students with the basic catering and skills required to work in the hospitality industry. Various certification courses include:
  •  Food production and patisserie
  •  Sanitation and safety
  •  Catering
A two year culinary management programme focuses on food preparation, food service and business philosophies. Students can also go for internship programmes with local catering agencies or other food services, to get the best culinary training. Some of the courses within a culinary management program include:
  •  Baking And Pastry Art
  •  Food purchasing
  •  Menu design
  •  Hospitality management
  •  Nutrition
  •  Five star hotels
  •  Airlines
  •  Restaurant
  •  Bar
  •  Casinos
  •  Hospitals
  •  Cruise Liners
  •  Railway Catering
  •  Flight Services
  •  Spas
  •  Event Management Companies
  •  Tour and Travel companies
  •  Malls
  •  Multinational companies
  •  Academics

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ticketing Courses in Delhi

The Hotel School offers Travel and Ticketing courses in Delhi. Courses include International Airlines, Travel and Ticketing Management, Aviation and Tourism Management and Ground Crew Courses. Contact us for more details at 9999300066 or visit here:

The Hotel School offers 01 year diploma in Aviation and Tourism Management, travel and tourism management courses which is designed for students wishing to pursue in the Aviation - Travel and Tourism Industry. The course is well designed and empowers students to use their knowledge for building best travel and ticketing professionals in the travel and tourism industry. The faculty at THS is well trained and has quality experience in the travel and tourism industry who can train the students with their ultimate knowledge and professional capabilities.

Ticketing Courses in Delhi

Aviation Travel and Ticketing Courses

Friday, 22 January 2016

Hotel Management Institute in Gurgaon

THS, being a pioneer in the field of education, offers world class facilities, infrastructure and faculties to its students which help in transforming the students into young professionals. Faculties which train the students are experts in their respective field with a valuable experience in their own subjects.

The Hotel School
The Hotel School

Hospitality industry offers a great career full of adventure and opportunities which open many career avenues for the students. This profession throws a number of challenges in one’s life which makes the job even more interesting where as in other career options you end up doing one job every day which later on becomes very monotonous. With the increasing trend of globalization, the hospitality industry has also become global in nature. This in turn provides great scope for jobs vacancies in India and abroad.The increase in the inbound tourism in India has fuelled the growth of hospitality industry in the country. The fortune of the hospitality industry is linked with the prosperity of tourism industry.

For application forms online visit: OR contact us at: 9999300066

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi

The Hotel School Delhi is the Best Hospitality / Hotel Management College in Delhi. This Institute offers Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses in Hospitality, Hotel Management and Travel with international standards in the world class campus.

Food Production Course in India

The Hotel School (THS) Delhi offers specialized courses including Food Production Course, Bakery Course, Restaurant and Bar Course, Housekeeping Course, Hotel Reception Courses designed as per international standards of the hospitality / hotel industry. Hotel Management, Hospitality and Travel Specialization Courses at The Hotel School is recognised by Tourism and Hospitality Sector Council (THSC), National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship, Govt of India; Edexcel, Pearson Programs are BTEC HNC and HND Certificate and Diploma in Hospitality and Food Production courses from AHLEI for a prosperous career in hotel management and hospitality sector.
Food Production Course in India

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Front office Management Courses in Delhi NCR

Front Office is considered as business center of the hotel and works for welcoming guest for the accommodation section, meeting and greeting them its main role is to sell the room of hotels after registration and hand over the key to the guest. In other word its is the backbone as well as the nerve center of a hotel where all the information and messages are communicated to the different department or personal. It main work is staff training inter department communication and staff scheduling it assure from the time when a guest makes a reservation and reaches the hotel till the time of departure , front office end its staff play a central role in fulfilling guest need. 

It is the only department which remained in contact with all the customers for longer time contact with all the customers for longer time being a manager at front office you are required to ensure that the accommodation should meet guest expectation and also great hotel guest. A manager is also involved in the training and hiring procedure of the staff.
A front office manager is these to supervise all the function such as reservation owns, assigning rooms and handling billing front office manager is liable to reply all the complaint of customers. In order the get the position of front office manager it is important to have good experience of front office management or facility management. Hotel Management believes in selecting those employees who have great knowledge and their of customer services.

 Also experienced staff helps to table care over all operation in an effective manager which is again a benefits for the company. Every company wants smooth function of operation is there organization and experienced staff, communication listening, organization time management and problem solving certification is not important to get position of a front office manager in a hotel but credential many enhance an individual’s qualification for such a position these are different institute who are offering Hotel Management course in Delhi and anyone who has completed their basic education at school with front office  courses can apply in to various place like hotel, airport, malls, restaurant , hospital etc.