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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi

The Hotel School Delhi is the Best Hospitality / Hotel Management College in Delhi. This Institute offers Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses in Hospitality, Hotel Management and Travel with international standards in the world class campus.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Can Technology Improve Guest Service Quality In Hotel?

Technology has been one of the main driving forces in the growth of many economies and organization around the world. The hospitality industry along with tourism industry have seen an abundance of benefits which technology has brought in to internal operation and guest service quality often involves excepting expectations and we also know that technology providers many opportunities for hotel to manage their internal operation and various other factor various software have been introduced for hotel to make the regular operation more effective. 

Example for this one integrated hotel property management system guest data management, internal communications many new software like Springer Miller system micros Fidelio and opera provide opportunities to manage all of the operational departments of hotel, restaurant and restores. These inventions of technology are cost effective and helps to generate reverse, improve communication and various other forums like finger point technology and closed circuit television (CCTV) are again a part of this Industry and helping to do effective operation of management. 

Technology has improved guest service Quality as these days whole world is tech survey and is more subject to internet. Also best hotel management school and hotel management colleges are using technology which has improve standard of education.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Diploma in Hotel Management – The Hotel School

There are a number of institutes in Delhi offering different professional courses.Among the different courses now these days front office course is getting popularity now these days. These courses are most suitable for the girls,as certain positions are only be filled by females as customer care executives,front office executive,receptionists,guest relation executives etc.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Diploma in Hotel Management

Hospitality industry comprise of hotel catering and travel industry ,India because of its rich historical past and rich geographical location is very attractive tourist place.

Among the various hotel management colleges in Delhi The Hotel school ,has created its repo in a very short period of time  ,At THS we believes in exposing its students to as many ideas and learning environment, We have established collaborative programmes with  prestigious university like Edexcel UK.

There are different institutes offering hotel management courses, which include front office courses in Delhi,apart from it housekeeping operations, food and beverage service, food production courses. These courses are covered at different levels like Diploma in hotel management, degree in hotel management, certificate in hotel management. The hotel school is among the top hospitality institutions which are offering hotel management courses According to us  teaching and learning as a integral part of the highly practical and focused arena as per the industry needs and requirements.

We put great emphasis upon interaction with leading professionals who are a part of our industry and academic advisory board.

Among colleges offering Hotel management course, our curriculum boasts of many advanced improvements in the form of case studies,industry projects,presentations and research work apart from imparting theoretical knowledge. The industry offers best job opportunities for Graduates in hotel management.

The hospitality industry offers better opportunity for employment than any other industry,this industry happens to be the largest employer in the world; hence hospitality is one of the most global easy and never ending career field offering lots of choice in kind and amount of work.