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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How To Find Best Hospitality courses in Delhi

Today we see that in any of the metro City a large number of institutes which are offering the hotel management courses, the Hotel school is among the most prominent hotels schools in Delhi.
The Hotel schools offers bachelors, diploma and certificate programmes in the hospitality education. At THS While delivering the hotel management education we believe that today’s world demand practical education especially in the field of hospitality education.
Among the different hotel management institutes, the focuses on developing an understanding of current theory and practices in the hotel management and the tourism, weemphasize to acquire an in depth knowledge of hospitality and tourism studies, we develop the effective business communication skills which are very essential for an individual to survive in the hospitality industry, as this industry demand a very depth practical knowledge for all the major hospitality departments.
The Diploma in hotel management enables an individual to get a job in any field of hospitality industry which includes hotel ,motels,restaurants,fast food chains,cruise ship hotel management,club management,club and hotel and tourism associations,institutional management,catering departments of railway,banks armed forces,shipping companies and apart from it this course also enables an individual for self employment.
The institute is equipped with all major labs which consists of all major required equipments and teaching aids with the help of these aids and well experienced faculty we becomes able to impart quality hospitality education to all of our students . We have established an un assumable reputation for the very strong on campus recruitment on the sheer virtue of our intensive focus on making all the our graduates “industry ready” so that all of them become the successful hospitality professionals, we aim to provide resources to succeed in tomorrow’s challenging global job market and committed to help each other and every student to attain a position best suited to their long term career goals.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hospitality Management colleges in Delhi - The Hotel School

There are a number of hotel management colleges in Delhi, The Hotel School is one of such institute which offers various types of hospitality courses, the institute is situated in the very close proximity of IGI Airport,major hotels of Delhi, like Taj palace,Mauryasharaton,The Uppal, The Leela, Etc.
The institute offers a number of courses which includes B.A. in hospitality and hotel management,one year’s Diploma in hotel management etc.,The three years hotel management course equips student will in all the required skills knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibility  in the hospitality sector and also involve the in depth lab work for the students to acquire knowledge and skills required in the hotel industry ,which includes all the operational  areas like food production,food and beverage service,front office and housekeeping,
We also impart substantial management knowledge in the other areas of hotel management like sales and marketing , financial management,human resources management, Entrepreneurship development,computer with the very special focus on the tourism studies,
After the completion of the hotel management course we look to develop the most required professional competencies in out graduates
Make the rational,and the creative decisions to solve a variety of problems.
Demonstrate the basic familiarity with the restaurant equipment,work procedures in a restaurant, and in the all types of kitchen which includes Indian, continental, Chinese, and all the major sections of the kitchen.
The institute is among the most prominent hotel school, Delhi which are providing the better opportunities for hospitality education, Apart from it the institute offer better placement opportunities.
At THS we believe that the best way to learn is by doing and that is why we emphasize on the hands on approach as required by the Industry. The dynamic and rapidly evolving field of hospitality is an area of study that encompasses a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical topics.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Diploma in Hotel Management

Hospitality industry comprise of hotel catering and travel industry ,India because of its rich historical past and rich geographical location is very attractive tourist place.

Among the various hotel management colleges in Delhi The Hotel school ,has created its repo in a very short period of time  ,At THS we believes in exposing its students to as many ideas and learning environment, We have established collaborative programmes with  prestigious university like Edexcel UK.

There are different institutes offering hotel management courses, which include front office courses in Delhi,apart from it housekeeping operations, food and beverage service, food production courses. These courses are covered at different levels like Diploma in hotel management, degree in hotel management, certificate in hotel management. The hotel school is among the top hospitality institutions which are offering hotel management courses According to us  teaching and learning as a integral part of the highly practical and focused arena as per the industry needs and requirements.

We put great emphasis upon interaction with leading professionals who are a part of our industry and academic advisory board.

Among colleges offering Hotel management course, our curriculum boasts of many advanced improvements in the form of case studies,industry projects,presentations and research work apart from imparting theoretical knowledge. The industry offers best job opportunities for Graduates in hotel management.

The hospitality industry offers better opportunity for employment than any other industry,this industry happens to be the largest employer in the world; hence hospitality is one of the most global easy and never ending career field offering lots of choice in kind and amount of work.