Friday, 3 May 2013

Hotel Management Institute –The Hotel School, New Delhi

There are various institutes offering retail courses in Delhi.The hotel school is among the best institutes in Delhi.The hotel school is offering different courses in retail sector which ranges the duration from 6 months to one year

USP OF The Hotel School
"Learn from the past

Working in the present

Looking forward to future

Is the best way to work”

This has been the guiding philosophy of the hotel school since from its inception.The vision was not only to impart the quality education in the field of hospitality management to deserving students and thus to contribute to the growth of tourism and hospitality industry.

In order to build a quality temple of learning, four basic things are required

Quality infrastructure

Quality faculty

Quality students

Quality affiliations/collaborations

The hotel school family today can boast of having situated at one of largest infrastructure in Delhi,has spacious classrooms with air conditions,latest audio video teaching aids ,well equipped labs, Well qualified and experienced faculty, a competent training and placement cell and a caring student counselor who takes care of psychological nourishment of the students so that after the completion of the course every student becomes a successful  hotel professional and responsible citizen of India.

The hotel school has invested in a big way in the area of the faculty recruitment; there is a continuous process of faculty development that enables the members to keep abreast of latest developments in the field of academics and operations.

The institute also offers specialized foodproduction courses,the course structure is planned after considering more practical skill requirements from the point of view of the industry ,We are having well experienced faculty who are sharing their skills and experience with the students to make them more employment friendly from the  career point of view.

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